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Private ‘hang out with hodor’ Game of Thrones® Tours

Visit the real-world Westeros on our private Game of Thrones® filming locations tours.

Hang out with Hodor on a day or multi day tour. Fully immerse yourself with Flip—your guide, driver and stand-in actor for Hodor and The Mountain—by standing on the exact spots where the iconic cast members worked their magic.

Made all the more amazing by the overall stunning beauty of the area, these tranquil off the beaten-track locations are places that other tourists simply do not reach—definitely many photo and selfie opportunities!


Game of Thrones® Tour

“Hanging out with Hodor” 


A private specialist Game of Thrones® off the beaten track filming locations tour with Flip, your guide, driver and stand-in actor for Hodor and The Mountain on Season 6.  

The story of ice and fire

Linking with the George RR Martin’s novels our stunning landscape is created by ‘fire’, from volcanic activity, and was then later sculpted by ‘ice’, from the ice ages, to leave it’s mark over time. Now battered by the North Atlantic rollers, the incredible coastal scenery of cliffs and gorgeous beaches is what we have on show for you today.

Every GIANT Tour is a celebration of our passion for the Causeway Coast and area and your chance to discover why HBO chose this region for it’s backdrop.


Giant Tours Ireland HQ is based at the mid point of the world renowned Causeway Coastal Route in the small seaside town of Ballycastle, a short distance along the coast from the busy Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and the picturesque peaceful Glens of Antrim and Rathlin Island.

Our beautiful and vibrant seaside town is based at the heart is rated by ‘The Sunday Times’ as the No.1 best place to live in Northern Ireland. It is the place that my wife and I, together with our three children, have the good fortune to call home. Do not worry, if you are not a ‘Throner’, it’s not all Game of Thrones® here so come and explore, stay a while to relax and immerse yourself in our wonderful wee town. Enjoy our Irish hospitality in the many cafes, restaurants and bars in a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere

Dragonstone Cliffs at Fair Head, Ballycastle 

Causeway Coast Experience

Causeway Coast Iconic Site Tour

Showing off the amazing iconic locations of the area. View the incredible, breathtaking scenery of the world famous Causeway Coastal Route that is studded with sandy beaches and cliff top paths.


A local company offering private and  specialist off the beaten-track Game of Thrones® and Causeway Coast tours that can be personalised to your requirements.


Based on the North Coast in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland


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