Game of Thrones® 2 Day Tour

Visit the Film Location on Northern Ireland's North Coast
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2 Day Tour Itinerary


This tour is like an add-on to the incredible filming
locations of the 1 day tour –

This is how you get to experience much more of Westeros and Essos. Not only do you get to visit additional filming locations, you can also stand on set in the exact same spot Jon Snow & Robb Stark taught young Bran the art of archery in the Game of Thrones® Castle ‘Winterfell’ – dress up in character costume & enjoy the thrill of firing live arrows.

GAME of Thrones® tour off the beaten track filming locations

Day 1

Belfast City Centre/Dublin Airport
Following a Giant welcome we get out on our adventure.

Lands Around Winterfell and below The Wall/Tollymore
Forest Park
Enjoy a beautiful forest stroll to see where the Direwolf pups
were found, and also the haunting first scenes of the
dismembered bodies below The Wall in S1, Ep1.

Percy French, Newcastle
Viewing of Door No. 3.

Winterfell/Castle Ward Estate
Pledge allegiance to the Stark family and dress up to immerse
yourself into Winterfell learning archery as Bran. Visit multiple
other filming locations throughout the estate.

The Cuan, Strangford with the option a Game of Thrones®
banquet with Hodoor Beer.

Viewing of Door No. 1.

Day 2

The Neck & North of Winterfell/Cairncastle
Where Ned Stark beheaded the deserter, and nearby where Littlefinger tells Sansa they are returning to a now Bolton occupied Winterfell together.
Ballygally Castle Hotel, mid morning break See Steenson’s jewellery made for the show and view Door No. 9 and enjoy a mid morning break with the wonderful Castle fare.

Bravvos Canal/Carnlough Harbour
The steps used by Arya to crawl up out of the canal after being attacked by the Waif.

Runestone/Gallboly ‘Hidden Village’
Where Sansa and Littlefinger watch Robin practice his swordsmanship.

A Cove in the Stormlands/Cushendun Caves
400 million year old caves used to film Melisandre giving birth to the shadow creature that goes on to kill Renly Baratheon.

Mary McBrides Bar, Cushendun Village
Lunch in an authentic ‘wee’ Irish Bar, and home of Door No. 8. An opportunity to learn how to pour your own pint of Guinness – you get a Certificate if you do it right!
Viewing of Door No. 8

Stormlands, Iron Islands & Slavers Bay/Murlough Bay
Following an off the beaten track drive along Torr or ‘Rocky Road’ into the backdrop for the Stormlands. A chance to explore one of the most spectacular bays in the country and the filming locations where; brothers Renly and Stannis have their parley; Yara provides a horseback lift for brother Theon; and, where Ser Jorah and Tyrion are captured by slavers.

Dragonstone Cliffs/Fair Head
Go on a ‘dragonwatching’ walk – just like birdwatching, but on a scale to suit the amazing 600ft cliffs. Many locations here, where; Varys confronts Melisandre and offers advice; Tyrion and Jon have a mope; Ser Jorah returns
free of Greyscale; and, the iconic scene where Jon, Daenerys and Drogon share a moment together.

The Stormlands & Nagga’s Hill, Old Wyk/Larrybane Quarry
Used as Renly’s camp, where Brienne is named King’s Guard, and also for the Kingsmoot when Yara steps aside for her uncle Euron to be crowned.

Viewing of Door No. 6, Fullerton Arms

Lordsport Harbour & Pyke/Ballintoy Harbour
Where Theon returns and is baptised, it features in Enron’s drowning and rebirth, where Melisandre burned Stannis’ Bannermen and where Varys is executed for treason. Optional – The Giants Causeway – walking tour and explore Not a filming location but a must-see UNESCO World Heritage Site of significant geological interest and home of the legendary giant Finn McCool.

Kingsroad/Dark Hedges
Walk this road through the tunnel of gnarled ancient Beech
Trees that Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie escaped along from King’s
Landing heading northward.

Door No. 7, Gracehill House.

End of tour
Returning to your accommodation




Comfortable layered clothing, hiking boots/strong shoes
(wet and boggy farmland)

Hat, waterproof jacket & trousers & (fingers crossed)
sunscreen in the summer months.


The Marina Car Park Ballycastle (Off North Street)
BT54 6BW *(or pick-up & drop-off available at a
nearby Hotel or B&B by special arrangement)

We can arrange to pick you up from Belfast, the
airport, your accommodation or cruise ship
Enquire upon booking


The Marina Car park Pickup Point


✓  Professional tour guide & driver

✓  On-board Bottled Water, Tea & ‘Real’ Coffee with a morning snack (available at stops)

✓  Guided Walking tour of the Giant’s Causeway with time to explore

✓ Transportation in a VW Transporter Shuttle (long wheel base)


✗  Giant’s Causeway visitor centre entrance fee (this is NOT necessary to view the Causeway site)

✗  Lunch & additional snacks



The Game of Thrones® Tours is operated by Giant Tours Ireland. It is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by HBO, nor anyone associated with Game of Thrones®.


Based on the North Coast in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland


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