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Game Of Thrones Tour & Giant Causeway Tour

Offering Multi-award Winning Private Game Of Thrones® Tours from Belfast or Ballycastle and Giant Causeway Tours.

Game Of Thrones®

– Full Day Tours

Explore the breath-taking Game Of Thrones ® filming locations of “THE NORTH” along the world famous Causeway Coastal Route with Flip, stand in actor and body double for Hodor and The Mountain. Available from Belfast or Ballycastle

1 Day Tour  – 1 to 7 People

Game Of Thrones®

Custom Tours

Visit the Linen Mill Game Of Thrones Studio Tour, learn archery as a Stark at Winterfell and see additional  filming locations with local tour guide, Flip. Turn your visit into a GIANT Two Day Adventure to fully experience the real world Westeros.

1 Day+ Tour  – 1 to 7 People

Giants Causeway

Causeway Coast

– Full Day Tour

See the world famous Giants Causeway and other iconic sites along the stunning Causeway Coastal Route with Flip your local guide to explain the incredible geological processes that created the stunning landscape here today.

1 Day Tour  – 1 to 7 People

Multi-award Winning Tours Northern Ireland

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Take a Tour with Flip

All Tours Are Private

Perfect for families – kids welcome. Tours can be customised – add on airport transfers and more days to explore. Accommodation pickups available by arrangement.

Flip Is Your Guide & Driver

Stand in body double actor for Hodor and The Mountain. Many behind the scene stories and knowledge to share. Local Guide with knowledge on landscape formation, myths and legends.

Remote Filming Locations

Visit the incredible filming locations that other tours simply do not reach. See where the scenes were shot amongst amazing scenery. Lots of photos and selfie opportunities!


Hang Out With Hodor  

Visit off-the-beaten-track filming locations from Game Of Thrones® in the company of a real expert.

Meet Flip – your local guide on the ultimate Game Of Thrones®  locations tour. A man whose encyclopedic knowledge of the show owes a lot to one crucial fact: he was actually in it!

Flip appeared in the series as a stand-in body double for the much loved Hodor and also for the towering Ser Gregor Clegane. You can see Flip in three iconic episodes in Season 6.

Make no mistake – this is a man who knows what he’s talking about. The locations are a thrill to experience in their own right. A lot of them are off-the-beaten track but with his insider knowledge, Flip knows exactly where they are. He’ll make sure you can get up close and personal with every one.

Flip is a local man –  another key ingredient in his expertise. In fact many of the filming locations are in his own backyard. As he talks to you, you’ll find his great love of the area is contagious. He’ll also be delighted to pass on his knowledge of the geological processes that created the beautiful coastal landscape. So even if you don’t know your Dragonstone from your Dothraki, there’s plenty to discover in Flip’s company.

Game of Thrones Tour Belfast 

*Murray Street at 8 am 

Game of Thrones Tour Ballycastle

*The Marina Car Park at 9 am

*(Pick ups by arrangement from nearby accommodations)


The Neck and North of Winterfell

The Canals of Braavos


Slavers Bay and Renly’s Camp 

Dragonstone Cliffs

-This amazing location has sloping, uneven, wet and muddy ground (strong shoes/boots are essential).

Stormlands and Nagga’s Hill, The Iron Islands

-Lunch stop (tailored suit your tastes – Cafe/Bar/Restaurant)

Lordsport Harbour and Pyke, The Iron Islands

The Giants Causeway (not a filming location). Guided Walking Tour along the public right of way with free time to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Kingsroad

6/7pm Approximate return times

* Belfast tour only


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These tours are independently operated by GIANT TOURS IRELAND. They are not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with GAME OF THRONES ®


Game Of Thrones®


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