It was a great pleasure to show Jeremy Egner of The New York Times around the real-world Westeros. It was a seriously wet and windy day. The weather definitely helped create the atmosphere of ‘The North’!

Although Jeremy had just flown in from vacationing in Jamaica he was up for the challenging weather, braving the elements to reach the amazing filming locations on my tour. We had the opportunity to get warmed up in Mary McBrides Bar where Jeremy pulled his own pint of Guinness. I must add, poured with great skill, as he had many jobs in his college days before his meteoric rise to TV Editor of The New York Times.

I was delighted to read his article a few weeks later in which I feature a few times. The best thing he was reporting was his take on how we in NI (the home of Thrones) have embraced the iconic TV show and welcome all that it has brought, currently brings and will carry on providing an incredible resource into the future.

I hope you enjoy it –